The meaning of IRAWA between various scripts is TRUTHFUL and COMPASSIONATE. In its text form it stands for the INTERNATIONAL RIGHTS AND WELFARE ASSOCIATION. Ideologically IRAWA came into existence a decade ago, the title did not exist but the synergy always did as a striving global trinity of three key members which today represent the supervisory board.

IRAWA is an association of 3 global organizations. The mother organization representing IRAWA is the IVWF Inner Voice Welfare Foundation which was founded by H.E Raheela Khan, a renowned honorable humanitarian who acquired the title of THE MOTHER TERESA OF KASHMIR from numerous INGOs and IGOs. Her crucial agendas comprise of Children Education And Health, Anti-Poverty, Women Empowerment, Transgender Welfare, Drug-Free World, Food & Medical Aid for underprivileged masses world wide. She is the proud daughter of Late Col.KHAN MUHAMMAD KHAN a.k.a FATEH-MIRPUR a historical freedom fighter who risked his life for the freedom and basic rights of Kashmiris. Her global efforts in conjunction include numerous SPIRULINA projects to fight malnutrition in underprivileged countries.

Comprised of a united worldwide humanitarian force of 75,000+ from in various countries is the IHRFW International Human Rights Foundation World and OPS Overseas Pakistan Solidarity. Founded by the His Excellency JAVED AHMED MALIK who dedicated his life to humanitarian assistance, control and protection of human rights and respect for the whole world. IHRFW and OPS are intergovernmental, non-profit, impartial and independent organization. Its members are always there where armed conflicts, cataclysms, terrorist attacks, arbitrary rule arise and they always respond to the needs of the aggrieved and the deprived who suffer from the violation of rights, genocide and poverty.

The final core founding member of all IRAWA entities is His Excellency KAMRAN AHMED who formed and implemented all technical, strategic and regulatory aspects of IRAWA. He is responsible for the infrastructure development and projection of the platform to the world. Executing, highlighting and overlooking all global programs of IRAWA

IRAWA is a rapidly growing movement with continuous induction of practical and honorable humanitarian Ambassadors and envoys who have united to make the world a better place.

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