The INNER VOICE WELFARE FOUNDATION is the MOTHER ORGANIZATION which strives to create and enhance grounds for Children Education And Health, Anti-Poverty, Women Empowerment, Transgender Welfare, Drug-Free World, Food & Medical Aid for underprivileged masses world wide. IVWF was practically founded in 1998 by Her Excellency RAHEELA KHAN honored with the title of “MOTHER TERESA OF KASHMIR” by several global INGOs and IGOs. Over the years a dedicated organization was formed with strong ongoing educational, health and empowerment projects for the betterment of humanity.


CHILDREN EDUCATION AND HEALTH | Continue to create, maintain and enhance new and existing FREE educational facilities which also provide daily quality nutritious meals for the deserving under privileged poor, orphans and endangered children.

ANTI POVERTY | Contribute to the eradication of poverty by supporting children, women and other vulnerable groups in saving lives and building livelihoods, enhancing their resilience to crises, shocks and stresses, and making their voices heard to authorities.

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT | To empower women across Pakistan through economic, social and training programs, creating opportunities while addressing inequality, strengthening families and communities.

TRANSGENDER WELFARE | Protecting the basic and social rights of transgender community which creating and maintaining existing food rations, skill development support, legal and medical aid.

DRUG FREE WORLD | Address a range of goals that include demand reduction, reduction of drug related crime and violence, and reduction of drug related health and social costs. To educate and protect families and youth.

FOOD AND MEDICAL AID | Continue to create and enhance new and existing food and medicinal rations distribution programs for under privileged masses and refugee camps across the world. Promote and distribute SPIRULINA to encounter malnutrition globally.

The world is in constant need for resilient hard working people who are also optimistic. Let us pray and make an honest effort towards the welfare of our under-privileged children, brothers and sisters.

Best Regards,

Chair Person I.R.A.W.A (International Rights And Welfare Association)
Chair Person Inner Voice Welfare Foundation
Global Secretary General – International Human Rights Foundation World
Global Secretary General – Overseas Pakistan Solidarity

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