OPS is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious global organization with its head office in London, UK. Our membership is open to all Pakistanis, irrespective of their political allegiance or religious belief.


“Establish strong ties of solidarity amongst all overseas Pakistanis to promote their social, economic circumstances and create a secure, strong and safe Pakistan that bonds our future generations with their ancestral heritage.”


  • OPS is a global pro-overseas Pakistani lobby, whose aim is to safeguard the basic and extended Human rights of all people of Pakistani heritage.
  • OPS functions to strengthen ties between all Pakistanis, and works to achieve equality in law and natural justice with respect to their legal rights, protection of land, property, wealth and inheritance wherever they reside.
  • OPS will help and work to promote positive attitudes in communities to overcome economic and social problems of poverty, sexism, racism through education and social change
  • OPS will establish platforms to help overseas Pakistanis support Pakistan through foreign aid, government and Institutional partnerships, human resource training and charity works
  • OPS will pursue activities that help decision makers understand the importance of stability and security within Pakistan for social and economic growth and peace in the region


  • Work with integrity, transparency and highest level of personal and social values. 
  • Liaison with and/or form effective collaboration with all political parties, groups, and national institutions, regional and international organizations, whose policies or activities complement our mission of promoting unity and justice, community cohesion and improve international relations.
  • Create and support communication networks across all ages, religions and groups to empower and share their knowledge, experiences and issues.
  • Establish regional offices worldwide wherever there is a large community of Overseas Pakistanis, and numerous satellite offices that complement the activity of OPS. Regional offices shall provide help and support to raise awareness and solve problems, educate and empower members to actively contribute towards our cause.
  • Compile petitions and empower activist groups politically or otherwise engaged to promote the cause of OPS.
  • Fund raising to promote charity causes and philanthropic projects in Pakistan and worldwide, through education and fund raising events.
  • Develop children education forums to promote their knowledge of their cultural heritage and Pakistan. 
  • Work with schools, colleges and universities to empower youth and student activists to further our mutual cause.
  • Arrange lectures by prominent speakers and professionals, and encourage debates and discussion forums with the purpose to educate and promote the cultural heritage of Pakistan.
  • Create think tanks to research and submit pragmatic solutions to relevant issues of concern, develop and implement training programs and workshops to improve people’s skills, employability and quality of life.

Best Regards,

Global Chief Patron Inner Voice Welfare Foundation
Chair Person – International Human Rights Foundation World
Chair Person – Overseas Pakistan Solidarity

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