2021 05 07 IRAWA DAILY RAMADAN IFTAR MEALS Led BY H.E RAHEELA KHAN At Inner Voice Education System

H.E Raheela Khan today distributes 400 FAMILY MEALS from her EDUCATION PLATFORM by the name of INNER VOICE EDUCATION SYSTEM.

Her Excellency RAHEELA KHAN who is globally recognized and honored by several INGOs as “THE MOTHER TERESA OF PAKISTAN” has established various schools and vocational training centers that provide free educational facilities along with daily meals for children and women. She continues to distribute thousands of food-rations throughout the year as part of the IRAWA COVID RELIEF Program established in 2020 which intensifies during the holy month of Ramadan.

Every Ramadan IRAWA contributes and supports various reliable and efficient INGO partners to maximize the relief effect on a daily basis. IRAWA Ambassadors all over the world are executing the same strategy. Stay tuned for more IRAWA projects and spread HUMANITY.

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